Mind and body classes

Person rolling out a yoga mat on the floor

All our classes are included in your Aspire Health membership.

Pay and Play users are also welcome.

All our classes are taught by a qualified team of instructors. This is to make sure you get the most from your workout and work towards achieving your personal fitness goals.

Types of Mind and Body classes

Mind and Body Classes Description
Body Foundation Class combining Pilates based moves alongside total body exercises to develop strength and tone.
Yoga ​Focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing techniques to boost both physical and mental wellbeing.
Freestyle Fitness Yoga ​Using Yoga in a dynamic class to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and control.
​Flexibility and Function ​Relax muscles and increase your range of movement using stretches and mobility techniques.
​Foam Rolling Promote recovery and improve flexibility and mobility using foam rolling techniques. 
Pilates / Fitness Pilates Develop physical strength, flexibility, posture, and balance whilst increasing your core strength.
​Barre Barre is a type of exercise that blends elements of ballet, yoga, Pilates, strength training, and cardio into one workout.
It is a full body exercise that will work every muscle, even ones that are under-utilised.
Pre-natal Yoga A yoga class offering targeted movements and alignments specific to pregnancy. It helps reduce pregnancy discomfort and is very effective in preparation for birth.

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