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Three people in a swimming pool with foam noodles.

All our classes are included in your Aspire Health membership.

Pay and Play users are also welcome.

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All our classes are taught by a qualified team of instructors. This is to make sure you get the most from your workout and work towards achieving your personal fitness goals.

Types of ​Aqua classes

​Aqua Classes Description
Aqua Fit Pool-based fitness class using water resistance and other equipment for a fantastic water workout.
Aqua Zumba Water-based lower impact Zumba class using water resistance for body toning benefits.
Deep Water Exercise Deep water-based class using a floatation belt to increase fitness, core, and muscle strength.
Joints Muscle Mobility Pool-based exercise suitable for participants who are on any exercise referral scheme.  Exercise to increase fitness and mobility whilst strengthening and toning muscles.
​Swim Fit Gym Challenging pool workout combining length swimming and pool edge exercises.
Swim Fit ​Motivational and challenging way to work out in the pool.
Float Fit BALANCE Inspired by Yoga and Pilates.  30 minutes designed to boost mental wellbeing and challenge balance.  Participants improve body imbalances and strengthen core stability.
Float Fit GROW ​An action-packed class motivating children to stay active and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Recommended for 8+ years. Must be able to swim.
Float Fit HIIT High intensity interval workout on water. A 30-minute full body class. Includes squats, mountain climbers and lunges. FloatFit HIIT Classes provide levels of difficulty to suit all abilities.

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