Wakefield District Local Plan 2036 – adopted

Details on the adopted Local Plan which sets out new policies and land allocations for guiding new development and protecting the environment.

These pages provide information about Wakefield’s Planning and Building Control services.

  • Building Control

    Find out about building regulations, get guidance for application forms and fees.
    A man pointing at a building plan document while another one draws on it.
  • Enforcement

    Find out about planning enforcement processes, how to report a breach of planning and what to do if a complaint is made against your premises.
    A person in an orange high vis making notes on a clipboard
  • Heritage conservation and tree preservation

    Check for listed buildings and conservation areas. Find out about or request a tree preservation order.
    A historic Motte and Bailey castle with a village in the background
  • Planning applications and advice

    Find information and advice on planning applications, appeals and fees.
    A person using a laptop and checking a building plan
  • Planning policy

    These pages provide details about Wakefield's adopted planning policies and strategies for development and monitoring the use of land.
    Checking a building plan using information from a laptop

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