Local land charges

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Local Land Charges department are working from home until further notice.  Please be aware that postal/cheque searches are taking up to 4 weeks to be returned. We accept electronic requests  via landcharges@wakefield.gov.uk where payment can be made by credit/debit card. Our usual 48 hour turnaround operates for this service. 

The Local Land Charges department can be contacted by calling 07385 417108 or emailing landcharges@wakefield.gov.uk 

Personal searches of the register:

Please email your requests to landcharges@wakefield.gov.uk. Please note that we will only accept 10 search requests per email with two emails per week for each company. Results will continue to be provided within a reasonable turnaround, unless notified otherwise.

If you have any queries, please contact the Land Charges department on the above email address.

The local land charges team process local land charges searches which are an important part of the process of buying and selling property and/or land.

The team is also responsible for the registration of local land charges and maintenance of the Local Land Charges Register and Common Land and Village Green Registers.

Requesting a local authority search (LLC1, CON29R and CON29O)

Requests can be submitted by post or electronically by completing the downloadable form. Each request must be accompanied by a plan of the property or area of search required. In the case of new developments a site plan clearly identifying the plot number/property required must be provided.

Payment of fees

Payment can be made by cheque or over the telephone by debit or credit card by calling 07385 417108.




Additional parcel - LLC1

£1 per parcel


£26.40 (incl VAT)

Additional parcel fee - CON29R

£4.80 (incl VAT)

CON29O - questions 4 to 22

£6 per question (incl VAT)

Stand alone CON29O additional parcel

£4.80 (incl VAT)


12p per sheet (incl VAT)

Please note

If CON29R and CON29O forms are submitted together for the same area of search only one additional parcel fee of £4.80 (incl VAT) will be charged for each parcel.

Personal searches of the register

Personal searches of the register can be carried out free of charge by appointment at our office between 9am and 12 noon Monday to Friday. There is no restriction on the number of searches that can be carried out.

CON29 data can be inspected free of charge at Wakefield One, Burton Street Wakefield during normal office hours:

  • Monday to Thursday - 8:30am to 5pm
  • Friday - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Local Authorities (England) (Charges For Property Searches)Regulations 2008 Statement 9

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