Schools and education

Learn more about the schools and education services in the Wakefield District, view term dates, student transport, extra support, and more.

  • Schools

    Learn more about the schools sector in the Wakefield district and everything it has to offer.
    Children in school learning
  • Education

    Learn about the education opportunities Wakefield has to offer for both children and adults. You can also find more about special instances such as children in entertainment, and more.
    Young teacher helping a student with their reading
  • Adult education service

    Find out more about range of courses for everyone, from beginners to advanced, which will enable you to gain new skills and knowledge so you can get that promotion at work or get into a new career of your choice.
    Six college age students working in a library
  • School term and holiday dates

    Learn more about school term and holiday dates, school calendars, schools setting their own dates, and INSET (teacher-training) days.
    Assortment of cards with calendar dates in various colours
  • Find a school

    See the list of schools that fall under the Wakefield area.
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  • School admissions

    Learn more about Wakefield council's school admissions and how you can apply to a school, find a school, go to school, and search school catchment areas in the local district.
    Family of three happily sat together at a counter with a laptop and an assortment of children's toys

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