Cost of living support

Learn more about the cost of living advice and support services Wakefield Council has to offer, such as job, housing, energy, and more.

  • Help at the Hub

    Learn more about our support hubs that can give you advice on budgeting money, heating your home, health, and more.
    An elderly man sat speaking with a young carer.
  • Household Support Fund

    Learn about the source of the Household Support Fund and details of how it will be spent.
    A family in a kitchen. A dad playing with his daughter in a wheelchair while the mum is facing the kitchen counter.
  • Money

    Learn more about the money support Wakefield Council has to offer, such as support with rent, mortgages, energy, food, and more.
    A woman sat at a table on a laptop.
  • Housing and bills

    Learn more about the housing support and options Wakefield Council has to offer.
    A man and women standing with their young children just outside their house.
  • Jobs and training

    Find out what jobs and training opportunities Wakefield Council and its partners have to offer.
    People smiling in a meeting.
  • Welcome Spaces

    Learn where you can find a warm welcome space during the winter months.
    Four people sat around a table talking.

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