Bins, recycling and environmental health

To find out your wheeled bin collection day and dates please refer to your latest wheeled bin collection calendar or, for more information about your local collections, check "Where I Live".

  • Bins

    Find out your rubbish collection day, and please refer to your latest bin calendar for your collection dates. Garden waste collections are on the same day as general waste collections (green coloured bin).
    A council worker standing next to a black wheelie bin
  • Recycling

    In the Wakefield district we provide a wide range of waste and recycling services with our partner Renewi. Your contribution to recycling makes all the difference and means that we recycle nearly half your waste. With your continued help we can do even better!
    Equipment inside a recycling plant
  • Environmental Health

    Click here to know more about Environmental health, environmental information regulations, farm animal welfare and learn how to apply for a dangerous wild animals licence.
    Hand of a person holding mud and a sapling between the palms
  • Specialist Services

    Learn more about collection of clinical or medical waste, how to request medical sharp bins and more.
    A person wearing blue scrubs and white coat throwing medical waste in a bin
  • Waste Management

    Find out more about waste management project and municipal waste management strategy in the Wakefield district.
    An aerial shot of a waste management facility in South Kirby
  • Report a missed bin collection

    If your bin was missed today, you should wait until after 5pm to report it to us. All bins must be out at 7:00 am when collections start.
    A green wheelie bin with garbage bags inside

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