• The Statements as to Persons Nominated

    Details of the candidates standing for election for the District elections are available here.

  • District and Mayoral Elections

    District Council Elections will take place in all 21 of the districts wards (one councillor per ward), as well as an election for a West Yorkshire Combined Authority Mayor.

Learn more about the different types of elections, this year's election results, how to vote, and more.

  • Voter information

    See all of our information for voting in local elections.
    A person typing on a laptop
  • Current elections

    Information on all ongoing elections in the district.
    People handing in their votes
  • Parish and Town Councils

    Learn more about recent and ongoing Parish and Town Council vacancies and by-elections within the Wakefield District.
    Exterior of a parish building
  • 2023 Elections Results

    Here you can find the results for the 2023 local and town / parish elections taking place in the Wakefield District
    People counting election votes
  • Types of election

    Find out more about the types of elections and when they are next taking place.
    A pen ticking a box on a sheet of paper
  • The register of electors

    Find out more about the Wakefield District's Register of Electors and how it is used to record who is registered to vote in public elections.
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