Anti-social behaviour

Learn about the various ways you can tackle anti-social behaviour in the Wakefield district. From litter issues, and reporting a noise problem to flytipping and abandoned vehicles.

  • Fly-tipping

    Report fly-tipping in the Wakefield district, it can be dangerous to people and wildlife and pollutes land and waterways.
    dumbed bed mattresses lying on a street
  • Report a noise Problem

    Report a noise problem, we deal with noise that is considered to be unreasonable to the average person, called a "statutory nuisance" in legal terms.
    Woman covering her ears with two cushions
  • Report a litter issue

    Learn how you can report a litter issue, from requesting road sweeping to reporting fly-tipping and dangerous used drug litter like syringes.
    Hand throwing rubbish into a bin
  • Report a dog issue

    Find out more about how to report an anti-social dog issue like dog fouling, a dangerous dog or, problems with a dog litter bin.
    three dogs being walked on a lead
  • Report flyposting

    Fly-posting is a criminal offense, learn how to report nuisance flyposting you see in the Wakefield district.
    Man walking past a wall of posters on a street
  • Report an abandoned vehicle

    Learn more about what you need to do to report an abandoned vehicle you have seen in the Wakefield district.
    abandoned purple car with leaves collecting on the front window

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