Parks, countryside and outdoor spaces

Find out more about the various parks, countryside, and outdoor spaces available in the Wakefield District.

  • Activities and events in our parks and countryside

    Learn more about the activities and events taking place in our parks and countryside in Wakefield district.
    Someone planting in soil
  • Parks

    Find out more about the various parks you can visit in the Wakefield District, their facilities, events, accessibility, and more.
    Skyline of a park at dawn
  • Grounds maintenance

    Learn how Wakefield Council maintains its outdoor spaces, and how you can request services such as: hedge trimming, grass cutting, and more.
    Someone removing a branch from a tree
  • Wakefield Council Allotments

    Learn more about allotments available within the Wakefield District; their locations, how they can be used, and how you can apply for one.
    Someone watering plants with a watering can
  • Public Rights of Way

    Learn more about Public Rights of Way within the Wakefield District; where they are, how you can report an issue with one, and more.
    Nature trail post with signs reading "public footpath"

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