Made in Wakefield Small Grants - £1,500 - £5,000

Artist Ruth Fones is showing a painting to an elderly man with impaired vision during a sharing session, as part of her research and development project. Photo credit: Ruth Fones artist - Paolina Hurry

Made in Wakefield Small Grants are expected to focus on activities which can be delivered in the short term. The focus will be on providing support to artists, creatives, and our communities.

These grants will support:

  • small scale creative, cultural and heritage projects
  • small scale participatory arts projects
  • small scale projects that target engagement with culturally under-served audiences 
  • research and Development for projects
  • match funding for national funding application i.e. Arts Council England 

Application deadlines and decision outcomes

Round 1 - Monday 30 October 2023

Round 2 - Monday 11 March 2024

Round 3 - Monday 10 June 2024

Projects supported in Round 1 must start activity no later than February 2024, and all projects supported in Round 1-3 must be completed and evaluated by the 28 February 2025. 

Decisions are announced 4-6 weeks after each deadline, followed then by a 2-week period for contracting and finance arrangements. Note that this could mean up to 8 weeks between application and a project beginning.

Please review our application guidance before applying. 


To apply for Made in Wakefield Small Grants, please complete the:

Project reporting

Culture Grants 2024

All successful Made in Wakefield Small projects in 2024 will need to complete the:

This will be submitted at the end of a project.

Culture Grants 2023

If you were supported by Culture Grants 2023, you will need to evaluate your project using the:


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