Licensing and Trading

Licensing and Trading of Wakefield Council provides a wide range of regulatory and licensing services.

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  • Alcohol, late night food and regulated entertainment

    Learn more about alcohol, late-night food, and regulated entertainment licensing including the licensing act 2003, premises and club premises licences and temporary events notices, and personal licences.
  • Animal licensing

    Find out more about animal licencing including animal licences, horse passports, grazing licences, zoo licences, and animal movement licences.
  • Taxis

    Find out about general taxi operating information, taxi information for the public including maximum taxi fares, seatbelt laws and taxi information for drivers including applying for a licence and online registration, and information for vehicles and operators.
  • License a venue for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies

    Any venue used for the solemnisation of civil marriages and the registration of civil partnerships must be approved by the Local Authority.
  • Current licensing applications

    Find applications for various business and trade licences (e.g. alcohol, and waste management).

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