Distribution of Free Printed Matter

To help control litter which comes from discarded flyers and leaflets, Wakefield Council has brought in controls which means that written consent from the Council is required to hand out promotional flyers and leaflets in Wakefield city centre.

Those given consent will be provided with a badge (or badges) which must be worn by the people handing out leaflets.

Consent is not required if the material being distributed is:

  • For political purposes.
  • For religious beliefs.
  • Relates to a charity registered under the Charities Act.
  • Printed material for which payment is made (e.g. newspapers).
  • Handed out within buildings or put through letterboxes.

As well as handing out flyers and leaflets, consent is also required if free printed matter is left outside in a public place for people to pick up, or put on windscreens etc. 

Consent is only required within the designated area in Wakefield city centre: see map.

See our guidance for more information, including conditions attached to any consent given.

It is an offence to distribute free printed matter in the designated area without consent.  See our Enforcement Policy for further information.

Apply for Consent

You can apply on-line for a new consent or to change an existing consent. Applicants should allow fourteen days before they intend to use the Consent to allow sufficient time for applications to be processed.  

There are two types of consent available:

  • Day Consent - which allows distribution between 7am and 7pm
  • Day/Night Consent - which allows distribution between 7am and 3am

Both types of consent last for one year, although for short-term promotions a month Day/Night Consent is also available. The charges for consent can be found below:

Consent Type


Consent Fee
(inc. 1 badge)

Fee for additional badges (per badge)

Day consent




For example, consent for 4 distributors = £28.50 + £28.50 + £28.50 + £28.50 = £114 in total

Day / Night Consent




For example, consent for 4 distributors = £175 + £57.50 + £57.50 + £57.50 = £405.50 in total

Day / Night Consent




​For example, consent for 4 distributors = £57.50 + £28.50 + £28.50 + £28.50 = £142.50 in total ​ ​ ​


A charge of £18.50 will be payable for any replacement badges or variations to the Consent.

If you intend to trade or hold an event in Wakefield city centre you may need permission from our Markets and Major Events team, but any permission they give automatically includes permission to use promotional leaflets etc. and so a separate consent to distribute free printed matter is not required.

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