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Temporary licensing application procedures

Deferral of renewal fees.

As the Government begin to relax some of the restrictions, the Council anticipate an increase in demand for the use of licensed vehicles after a period of several weeks where there has been little scope for drivers and operators to earn an adequate income. Government income schemes will begin to kick in from June which should support many of the drivers.

The Council are happy to consider assisting any drivers who have been unable to work during the pandemic, and consequently face difficulty in renewing their licence.

If you are facing hardship due to reduced income, you can submit a request for deferred payment using this form and email it along with your renewal application to

The Council will review your circumstances and a deferral of the fee for a period of up to 3 months will be considered. This scheme only applies to renewal applications submitted from 1st June 2020 . Refunds for renewals prior to this date will not be permitted. If any deferred fee for renewal of a vehicle  is agreed, the vehicle must still undergo the standard vehicle test . However, any retest fee  (£43.50) will have to be paid directly to the garage at Newton Bar at the time of retest.

The following will not be considered for deferred payment :

  • An existing application
  • An application which is not based on hardship
  • An application for renewal which falls beyond three months from the date of application
  • New grant of a licence or any other type of licence except a renewal

The council reserve the right to withdraw the deferred payment scheme at any time at their discretion, however, existing approved applications will not be withdrawn.

This scheme will be reviewed on a monthly basis and will only apply to renewal of licences.

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