Medium term financial strategy

The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) is a five-year plan that aims to:

  • show how the Council will provide services that meet people's needs while using resources wisely

  • connect the Council's vision and priorities with resources available

  • explain how finances will be managed to achieve goals over the next five years

The strategy considers

  • international and national economic influences on the Council
  • the influence of Central Government policy and strategy
  • local factors which influence policy within the Council
  • delivering key Council policies and priorities
  • how we safeguard public money
  • the strategy brings together the key issues affecting the:
    • Revenue Budget
    • Capital Programme
    • Treasury Management Strategy
    • Capital and Investment Strategy

Local authorities are facing funding challenges and increased demand for services, so strong financial management is vital. Planning needs to balance immediate service needs with long-term sustainability. The strategy forecasts the key budget issues for the Council by estimating available funding and potential costs.

Read the full strategy here.

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