Fighting fraud

We're committed to fighting fraud

Can you help us?

Fraud against the Council reduces the amount of money it has to provide services for people in Wakefield. 

If you know, or believe that someone is committing a fraud against the Council, you can give us details so we can investigate and stop the misuse of public money.

Examples of frauds we want to hear about:

  • Fraudulent and / or dishonest behaviour by Members, Officers or other people or Bodies who represent the Council
  • People representing the Council who break the law or don't follow regulations, or behave in a dishonest / unethical way
  • Abuse or misuse of Council property such as buildings, vehicles or equipment
  • Waste, extravagance or other losses which have happened because of ineffective or uneconomic use of Council materials, staff, poor administration or other causes
  • General wrongdoing not covered above, eg abuse of authority or power, poor service provision, mis-use of information etc

Report a Fraud

When you contact us we'll need as much detail as possible. Every case will be treated with total confidentiality. 

You can provide information anonymously if you want, but it would be useful if we could contact you if we need more information to help our investigation.

Sharing data for the prevention and detection of fraud

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Corporate Fraud Unit

Wakefield Council
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