Council Budget

2021/22 Council Budget


The Council has approved budget proposals for 2021/22 that will see continued investment in services and facilities to support and improve the lives of residents, their families and local businesses by protecting the most vulnerable, tackling poverty and continuing to support the response and recovery from the pandemic.

The Council has maintained its commitment to invest in the district and its people, as well as developing budget proposals that will support the district as it continues its recovery from COVID-19.

To deliver a balanced budget Wakefield Council is tackling a gap of £25.7m in 2021/22. The budget challenge is caused by risings costs, like inflation, and a continued significant demand for services that look after some of the district's most vulnerable younger and older people.

The Council will deliver over £11m of efficiencies, savings and raise additional income to help meet the budget gap, and minimising the impact on the delivery of services. The district's housing growth will help tackle the challenge, generating an extra £3.1m of additional Council Tax.

An extra £3.6m of reserves are also being prudently released to support the district and minimise the impact of the budget gap on residents.

The remaining £5.9m budget gap in 2021/22 will be met by a Council Tax increase of 1.99% and an Adult Social Care Precept of 2% . This makes the total increase 3.99% - an extra 74p per week for a Band A property.

The Council’s revenue budget was approved at Full Council on 24th February 2021.

Budget 2021/22

Thank you to everyone that took part in the budget consultation. Your feedback has been used to help shape our budget for 2021/22 and beyond.

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