Climbing Zone

To view our Climbing Wall timetable, please visit our Aspire @ The Park page.

A child wearing a harness partway up a climbing wall

Are you ready to climb to new heights and take on thrilling challenges? Welcome to our Climbing Zone, where adventure meets excitement, and every climb is a chance to push yourself.

Unleash Your Inner Climber

Are you ready to test your agility, strength, and bravery? Our Climbing Zone at Aspire @ The Park is calling all adventurers! Whether you're racing to the top or challenging your friends on our interactive wall, every moment here is an adventure.

An Adventure for Everyone

No matter how old you are or how much experience you have, our Climbing Zone has something for you. From beginners to experienced climbers, our place is made for everyone to have fun and stay safe.

Conquer Our Walls

Jump into the world of climbing and try out our different climbing walls. They're made to feel like real outdoor rocks, giving you an exciting climbing experience. See how you do on our Bouldering wall or try the Speed Climb for a challenge!


Type of entry Prices
Adult £5.60
Aspire members Free with membership
Junior £3.40
Shoe hire £2.80
Adult harness hire £10 (refundable)
Junior harness hire £5 (refundable)

Induction: Your First Step to Adventure

Starting your climbing journey begins with an induction. If you're new to climbing, you'll need to do an induction session first to learn how to climb safely. It's a good idea to book your induction ahead of time to make sure you get a spot.

If it's your first time climbing with us, your safety induction is free. Just call Aspire @ The Park at 01977 722188 to book your spot.

Please note that we don't do Climbing Wall inductions on Fridays after 5pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays after 3pm.

Safety First

We care about your safety. Our staff will make sure you know how to use all the climbing gear safely before you start. They'll show you how to wear your harness, use the carabiners, and do safety checks. Remember to wear comfy clothes for climbing and no hoodies or jewellery. You have to rent climbing shoes unless you bring your own. Before your first climb, you need to sign a waiver, and if you're under 16, you'll need supervision.

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