Housing and health

There is a direct link between good housing and good health. The actions set out in the Wakefield Housing Plan 2023-2026 will directly help to achieve the priorities of the Wakefield District Health and Wellbeing Strategy, 2022–2025.

We have identified 6 areas where good housing supports good health:

1) Ensuring the right kinds of new homes, some with care and support, are provided for people with physical and learning disabilities, mental health problems and autism.

We offer services to children, adults and older people who have support needs. This includes help to access suitable housing. We also work with our Registered Housing Provider partners. This is to provide new specialist homes, helped by grant from the Homes England and the Department of Health. More information about accessing these services can be found using the links below:

Social Care

Services for Children and Young People

2) Adapting homes and providing support to keep people living independently as their mobility changes:

We offer services to help people keep living independently in their own homes.

More information on the support we can provide

3) Supporting people who lose their homes:

Our Homelessness and Housing Advice Team provide advice and practical support to people who have lost or may lose their homes.

More information on our Housing Advice team

4) Helping people to manage their finances and cope with debt problems:

More information about support for people struggling with mortgage debt can be found on the Help for Mortgages page. We also support residents across the District to manage their money better through our Money Smart scheme.

5) Helping people to reduce their fuel bills and make their homes warmer through better energy efficiency:

Cold homes can lead to ill health and worsen existing medical conditions. For more information about how the Council can help you keep your home warmer, take a look at the Help with Energy Improvements page.

6) The Wakefield Healthy Housing Pathway is a simple form you can fill in to access help with issues such as:

  • difficulties paying your bills/debts
  • damp or badly insulated accommodation
  • poor energy efficiency
  • broken heating/hot water issues
  • poor state of repair with your property
  • difficulties getting private landlords to complete repairs

Once you have filled in the form, we will then send your form to:

  • the appropriate team within Wakefield Council
  • support outside of Wakefield Council

To help you with the issues you are facing.

Please note, if you are referring someone else, you must have their consent to share their personal details with Wakefield Council.

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