Swimming Lessons Progress Tracker

On Course Swimming Lessons Progress Tracker

You can follow your child's swimming progress online through our Oncourse home portal.

You will be able to see:

  • your child's lesson day, time, and teacher
  • your child’s assessments
  • what they need to practice
  • the percentage they achieved in their lesson

Please note that the date shown relates to:

  • the last time they made progress to another stage
  • how many weeks remain before a top-up on your lessons is needed

When your child reaches 100%, you will be able to move them to the next stage in an available time slot. The swimming teacher will make the next stage available that your child is able to move to.

Find out what your child will be learning in their lessons and when they will be ready to move up to the next stage.

How to log into the swimming home portal

Log into the home portal.

Click 'Register Now' and follow the on-screen instructions.

To register for the portal you will need:

  • your on-course registration number
  • Aspire member's membership card number

Please contact reception if you don't have a registration number or membership number.

Parents and carers can only view their own child's records.

Please contact our swimming team for more information about swimming in Wakefield:

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