Aspire Health referral junior 5 to 17 years

a mother, father and child in the kitchen making healthy food

Junior Aspire health referral service

We support children, young people, and their families to improve their overall health and well-being. We offer programmes for individuals to:

  • set goals that are realistic and achievable
  • make dietary and lifestyle changes
  • focus on long-term changes

Families can work on improving their physical activity levels, reducing inactive behaviour or improving healthy eating skills. These can include menu planning, food label reading, and others.

We also share resources for the needs of each family.

If you are a family, or are a health professional working with a family who would like some help, please ask the GP to make a referral to the Junior Aspire Health Referral service.

Referral criteria

  • Wakefield district residents – paying Council Tax to Wakefield Council
  • child/children aged between 5-17 years. Up to 25 years with a learning disability
  • above the 91st centile for weight
  • be ready to receive support – to commit and make changes
  • not be receiving weight management support from any another provider

What happens after you apply

  1. you will be contacted to complete an initial phone call
  2. your information will be reviewed by our skilled and professional team. Here your needs, lifestyle, preferences, and goals will be considered
  3. you will be allocated to the most suitable and appropriate support
  4. you will be enrolled onto the programme and begin receiving support
  5. you will develop self-monitoring techniques and receive ongoing support if needed

If you have any questions please contact the Aspire Health Team on one of the methods below: 

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