School travel planning

School Travel Plans (STPs) are the ideal way for schools to formalise their commitment to providing a safe and sustainable environment for their pupils.

An STP can identify the travel problems faced by a school and set out to find practical solutions to them, for example reducing congestion outside the school, and can help to promote active methods of travel for school journeys such as walking and cycling.

Through the STP process, schools can commit to pedestrian and cycle training as well as ensuring that road safety education is present throughout the curriculum.

We work with schools within the district to create tailor made plans, this can involve soft measures such as education, setting up school buses, walking buses, park and strides, cycle trains, walking initiatives or hard measures including improving the highways and transport network around the school.

An STP outlines a series of practical steps for improving children's safety and health on the journey to and from school, resulting in benefits for pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.

A successful Travel Plan will:

  • Assist pupils and parents in identifying healthy and sustainable transport options and help to reduce the numbers of cars on the road at peak times.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the environment around the school.
  • Encourage pupils, parents and staff to lead a more active lifestyle.

We look at the conservation of the Environment; creating awareness of Healthy modes and the benefits that sustainable transport has on the environment and us as inhabitants. We help children understand that their actions affect themselves and others, through all of the above and specially arranged learning days in schools/activities.

Initiatives, Promotion and Partnerships

We work with internal and external groups and companies to provide the best service available. We also work with groups such as Metro and Sustrans, to deliver the highest possible customer services.

  • Cineworld Walking Buses
  • CO-OP Walking Buses
  • Tailor Made Themed Walks to School
  • Whole School Assemblies and Classroom sessions
  • Cutting CO2 scheme
  • Bikefest
  • POLICE scheme
  • Road Safety
  • The School Travel Strategy
  • PRINTS - Travel Plan Accreditation Scheme
  • WOW (Walk Once a Week) - download a list of rewards for the current WOW scheme
  • School Support
    You can plan your route by looking at the Wakefield section of the Walkit website. All Wakefield schools are featured on the website

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