Apply for a full-time place in Reception

Applications for places in the academic year commencing September 2024. The online application system is open.

The deadline for on-time applications is 14 February 2024. You are responsible for submitting your application by this date.

Please read the Primary Guide for Parents before completing your application. It may prevent misunderstanding and disappointment later.

Submitting your application on time is important. Last year, we offered 93% of on-time applicants a place at their first Preference school. This compares to only 64% of late applicants.

The online application system is for Wakefield residents only. If you are not a Wakefield resident, please contact the local authority where you live.

We launched a new online application system on 1 September. All parents/carers making an online application will need to create a new account.

How to create an account and log in

  1. click on the button below to enter the online application system
  2. click on the 'Create Account' link at the top of the page 
  3. enter your details

Keep a record of your password

You will need this to verify your account and to log in later to find out about your offer of a school place. We do not have access to your security information - if you forget your password:

  • click on the “Forgot Password” button that appears once you have entered your username
  • follow the instructions to create a new password

You can find out about your offer of a school place from 12:30am on 16 April 2024 

Log back into your account to see your offer. We will also email you with details of your offer. The Admissions Team cannot give out any information over the phone about offers.

General Information

We will treat all applications fairly.

We will offer school places by following the relevant published admissions criteria.

Please ensure that the information you enter is correct

  • we will take action if you make a fraudulent application
  • someone with legal Parental Responsibility for the child must make the application. They are responsible for the accuracy of the information in the application
  • we may withdraw the offer of a school place if you supply false or misleading information 
  • we may withdraw the offer of a school place if you do not tell School Admissions about any changes. This includes a change to your child’s address

Read the Guide for Parents for more detail, along with information about what to do if you change address.

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School Admissions Wakefield Council Wakefield One PO Box 700 Burton Street Wakefield WF1 2EB

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