Street lighting

To report a street lighting failure:


To report an emergency, please call 0800 783 1654 (24hrs).

We will attend and make safe a street lighting emergency within 1 hour. The most common emergencies are:-

  • a door broken or missing from a column exposing electrical wires
  • a knocked down column from a road accident
  • a lantern hanging from a column after an impact

A full repair, where required, is then scheduled into existing maintenance routines.

Who maintains the streetlights?

Street lighting in the Wakefield District is provided by a partnership between the Council and Amey LG Ltd.

The partnership maintains:-

  • 41000 street lights
  • 2500 lit signs
  • 1200 illuminated bollards

How we maintain the street lighting

An inspector travels around the district, on pre-planned routes five nights a week, reporting where there are faulty lights, signs or bollards. The whole of the Wakefield district is covered within a four-week period.

You can help us by reporting faults using the phone or online fault form. This reduces the time that the streetlight is unlit.

Once we are aware of a fault our target is to repair it within 5 working days.

Sometimes a fault can be a result of the electricity supply failing. We are not allowed to work on equipment that belongs to the electricity supplier. When this happens, we will tell the electricity supplier of the fault and their target is to restore the supply within 20 working days.

Energy Conservation

One of our aims is to reduce our carbon footprint. To contribute to achieving this we need to identify and repair lights that are on during daylight hours. Please ring the number above to inform us of the location of the lights that are on during the day.

Please be aware that sometimes if it is a full section of lights, it can be due to an underground fault that the electricity company is trying to trace. They often need to leave the lights on during the day to aid the fault finding process. The council does not pay for the extra electricity used during this process.

Lighting Attachments

Any additional unauthorised attachments to street lighting columns can lead to problems. Even relatively light additions such as a small sign can lead to considerable extra load being added to a column in a strong wind.

If you wish to attach any object to a street lighting column for example a banner, hanging basket or sign you must first receive approval from us. Please note that before approval can be granted you will be required to give proof of sufficient public liability insurance.

To obtain approval please contact us.

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