Chantry House, Kirkgate

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An artist's impression of the future Chantry House development, off the roundabout on Kirkgate in Wakefield city centre. It features several townhouses, an apartment block and public footpaths alongside trees, green spaces and roads and driveways

The Council has chosen to market the Chantry House site for affordable housing. This will be part of the Council’s drive to bring more affordable housing to the district.

The site used to be home to the Chantry House office building. The new development is being delivered by Wakefield District Housing (WDH).


  • build 50 affordable homes. This will feature a mix of townhouses and apartments, in partnership with Wakefield District Housing (WDH) by 2025/26.


  • well-designed and distinctive new affordable housing
  • more city centre footfall and spending in local shops and restaurants


City centre regeneration news update leaflet
  • 2020 - Site purchased by Wakefield Council
  • 2021 - Chantry House office building and Snooty Fox pub demolished. A temporary green space completed in its place
  • 2023 - Planning application submitted by WDH

For more information, see our April 2023 News update.


The Council is helping WDH by providing some funding because, without it, it would not be value for money to develop the site out.

Developers who don't build affordable housing on their own sites must pay a contribution to the Council. This is so affordable homes can be built elsewhere. The funding is ring fenced money called a Section 106 commuted sum.

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