The Castleford masterplans

It's important that we carefully plan how our towns will change with time. For Castleford, there are two key strategy documents that guide future development:

Aire River Growth Corridor (ARGC) Masterplan

The ARGC Masterplan was adopted as a material planning consideration in 2018. This was to provide a clear and transparent strategy for future growth around Castleford.

The Council will work with local landowners and businesses to create sustainable housing growth and employment in the Aire River Growth Corridor. The goal is to make Castleford an attractive and environmentally friendly town for people to live, work, and spend their free time.

This will be good for Castleford because it will create new homes and jobs. It will make use of old industrial areas that have been unused for a long time. The Navigation Point development has already been finished by Noble Homes. We are now working on land to the west, like the old Hicksons chemical works and the former Nestle site.

Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF)

The SRF focuses on Castleford town centre and will help manage the development of the district's largest town for the next 10-20 years. This is a material planning consideration.

Our towns and our relationships with them, are changing, and it is important that the Council has a roadmap to help manage this process.

The first stages of delivery will focus on our Town Deal programme. This is supported by the Castleford Town Taskforce and must be completed by March 2026. While this is happening, we'll also be working with our partners to deliver other improvements. More information will appear here when we have it.

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