Housing Land Supply Assessments

Following the adoption of the Wakefield District Local Plan (WDLP) information on housing land supply can be found in Volume 1 at paragraphs 6.14 to 6.24 and in the housing trajectory set out in appendix 2.

The National Planning Policy Framework (December 2023) sets out, at paragraph 76, that local planning authorities such as Wakefield with an adopted plan less than five years old which identified at least a five-year supply of specific, deliverable sites at the time its examination concluded are not required to identify and update annually a five-year supply. 

The WDLP evidence base includes the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2019 (SHLAA). This consists of the SHLAA 2019 Report and SHLAA 2019 Annex. It should be noted the SHLAA was an important evidence source as the WDLP was being prepared, but it does not in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for housing development or be granted planning permission.

The WDLP evidence base also includes a 5-year Housing Land Supply Statement for the period 2023/24 to 2027/28.

If you wish to submit new sites or update information about sites already included in the SHLAA please complete a Site Information Form.

SHLAA 2019 Site Options Map

A map is available showing the location of SHLAA 2019 site options which includes basic site details or alternatively the SHLAA 2019 Annex can be downloaded.

Disclaimer: The information provided on The Wakefield District SHLAA Map is provided for information purposes only.

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