Planning appeals

Information about the planning appeal system

Appeals process

It is usually possible to Appeal a Planning Application permission if:

  • your application isn't decided within a set period
  • we refuse your application
  • we grant it with conditions you disagree with

Strict time limits apply for the right to Appeal and there are different procedures. The timeframes to lodge an appeal within are:

  • refusal of householder planning applications (HAS) - 12 weeks from the date of the decision notice.
  • refusal of minor commercial development (CAS) - 12 weeks from the date of the decision notice.
  • refusal of Advert Consent - 8 weeks from the date of the decision notice.
  • all other application types - 6 months from the date of the decision notice.

Lodging an appeal

Appeals should be made directly to the Planning Inspectorate. Please note only the person, who applied for planning permission, can make an appeal.

For guidance on making an appeal please visit the Appeals' advice pages on the Planning Portal.

Or you can contact The Planning Inspectorate directly at:

The Planning Inspectorate,
Temple Quay House,
2 The Square,
Temple Quay,
BS1 6PN.

Telephone: 0117 372 8000

Email at:

What the appeal process may cost you

The appeal process for submitting an appeal is free. The applicant and council pay their own expenses. It will be decided by the written procedure, a hearing or an inquiry.

Your costs will depend on if you paid for advisers or representatives.

It is possible that one party may be required to pay the other party's costs. The person applying for the costs, will need to show that the other side behaved unreasonably. They will also need to prove they caused unnecessary or wasted expense for the inspector to recommend this. 

Planning Enforcement appeals

If you have received an Enforcement Notice, you may be able to submit an appeal against it. The grounds for appeal are set out in Section 174 of The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended).

The appeal process is managed by the Planning Inspectorate, and you will need to submit your appeal to them.

For more information on appealing an Enforcement Notice please see the government guidance on

Please note that for appeals made using Ground (a), you will have to pay a fee and, if you do not pay the fee in time, the Ground (a) appeal will lapse and cannot be restarted.

Commenting on a Planning Enforcement appeals

As part of the appeals process, interested parties will be invited to submit comments. Any comments will be disclosed to the Council and the Appellant.

The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge receipt of representations.

You can view a guide to taking part in enforcement appeals on

When made, the decision will be published online  on the planning inspectorate.

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