Object or comment on a planning application

We consult on planning and other related applications according to planning legislation. How we do this is explained in the publicity for planning applications document.

You can comment on or object to any planning application, which is yet to be decided. It does not have to directly affect you, and you do not have to have received a letter about the application. 

The first thing you need to do is to check the plans on the online planning register.

Why should I object or comment on an application?

If you have strong feelings for or against the application you can make them known. Your comment or objection must be on planning grounds.

How long do I have to object or comment on an application?

You have 21 days from the date the site notice is displayed at the site.

I want to object or comment to an application

We will only consider comments or objections that are 'material' and relevant to planning. For example:

  • principle - if you feel that the very nature of the proposal is inappropriate and that the use of land/property should not change
  • overlooking - the proposal would lead to previously private areas being overlooked
  • overshadowing - the height or proximity of the development would be such that unreasonable overshadowing would occur
  • disturbance - there would be unacceptable intrusion in the form of noise nuisance, general disturbance, odour
  • overbearing - the scale of the works means that the property/premises has an oppressive impact on surrounding areas/houses
  • out-of-character - if the design, scale and use, is such that it appears to be out of character with its surroundings
  • road Safety - the development may lead to a significant impact upon road safety

We will not consider

  • issues covered by other legislation
  • encroachment onto another person’s land
  • the effect on property values
  • loss of view
  • potential difficulties in property maintenance
  • private interests of objectors
  • competition between rival companies

You can find out more about commenting on a proposed development by going to having your say on the Planning Portal.

How can I object or comment?

Your comments/objections must be in writing to either:

Email: devcontrol@wakefield.gov.uk

Write to:

Planning Services
Development Management
Wakefield Council
Wakefield One
PO Box 700

Or you can record your comments online directly into our online Planning Register. To do this you will need to register. Registering provides other online benefits such as:

  • tracking live planning applications
  • new planning applications
  • alerts when the status of an application changes (pending to determined etc.)

Download the Public Access 'Quick Reference Guide'

Who will see my objection or comment?

Please be aware that all comments submitted by you are a matter of Public Record. They will be placed on our website for inspection by the public. You will need to include your surname, initials and address. Please do not include:

  • your signature
  • your phone number
  • any other information you are unwilling to publish on the Internet
  • include comments of a personal, slanderous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or abusive nature as these may result in actions for libel

Comments may be removed under the Defamation Act 2013, if they are considered to be: 

  • defamatory
  • frivolous
  • offensive
  • amount to criminal act
  • bring the council into disrepute

If you make these sorts of comments, you could face legal action from the Council or the individual about whom the comment is being made.

We will only consider comments which include a name and postal address as we may need to contact you.

We do not directly acknowledge your comments. If they are received, they are displayed on Public Access

How do I know my view will be taken into account?

Your views will be considered. All comments/objections will be summarized in the Officers report on the application.

Who will make the decision on the application?

Most applications are decided by planning officers with delegated powers. However some applications will be decided by planning committee.

Can I speak at the Planning Committee meeting?

The applicant, or their agent/representative may speak in support of the application. One objector, or representative of a group of objectors, may speak against the application. Each will be allowed three minutes to make their case.

If you or your representative wish to speak at the meeting, you must register no later than 12 noon on the day before. You can do this by ringing Planning Services.

Telephone: 03458 506 506.​

What decision can be made?

Your application may be:

  • approved, possibly with conditions
  • refused
  • deferred to enable amendments or further information to be submitted
  • deferred to enable the Planning Committee to visit the site.

How will I know the outcome for planning applications?

A copy of the decision notice will be published on the planning register.

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