Planning application general advice

Download a summary of the planning process.

The Planning Portal is a free resource. It provides in-depth Planning advice and also provides an online Planning Application service.

The Planning Portal has a number of Interactive Guides. These provide planning and building regulation guidance for common development projects.

Find an architect from the Architects Registration Board.

Independent Planning advice is also available from Planning Aid.

View existing and proposed plans of the Mobile Operators within the area.

View Constraints details along with our policy for each type of constraint. These will help you understand how these might affect the planning process.

Please note this information is not intended as an alternative to a Local Land Search and must not be relied on as such.

We publicise, advertise and consult on different types of Planning Applications. This is done using planning legislation.

Guidance on this legislation: Consultation and pre-decision matters.

The Planning and Highways Committee sit every 3 or 4 weeks to consider applications for larger developments or those which have more public concern.

Section 106 agreements are legally binding agreements. These are made between a local planning authority (LPA) and a landowner when granting planning permission. They are used to ensure the provision of services and infrastructure. This includes roads, parks, schools, healthcare, and affordable housing. You can find applications with associated agreements in the Section 106 Register.

Planning Policy to access policies and strategies for development and land use including the: 

  • Council's Unitary Development Plan
  • local development framework
  • supplementary planning guidance and monitoring information

Planning Appeals

Guidance and information on how to make or take part in a planning appeal is available on the Planning Portals Appeal page.

You can also search for an appeal on the Planning Inspectorate website.

Need a map?

We now offer extracts of the most up-to-date large scale Ordnance Survey mapping. These are for use in planning applications, Land Registry searches, and boundary disputes.

Maps printed on demand

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