Notton Wood

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Wooded area with grass and small blue flowers

Located 6 miles south of Wakefield, off the A61 (Barnsley Road), Notton Wood features deciduous woodland.

  • Location:

    Notton Wood

    Open every day.

Facilities and services

  • Woodland for walkers, joggers and horse-riders
  • Geocaching

​​​​Historical Interest

The Pine and Larch contained within the woodland were commercially planted. Part of the wood was felled by Italian prisoners of war in World War Two.

Nature Conservation

The site was designated a local nature reserve in 1992.

This mixed woodland attracts a variety of wildlife; species of particular interest include:

  • both the Greater Spotted and Green Woodpeckers
  • Grey Heron
  • Sparrow-hawk
  • Kestrel

In the woodland, watch out for Grey Squirrel playing in the trees. In spring you can enjoy the Bluebells before the trees come into full leaf.


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