Hate crime

Reporting hate crime is easy and can help save lives. If you are a victim, or a witness, of a hate crime please report it.

What is a hate crime?

Hate crime is when someone breaks the law by hurting another person because of prejudice or hostility based on (or perceived to be based on) their:

  • race
  • religion or belief
  • disability
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation

A hate crime could be:

  • name calling
  • arson/fire
  • attacks or violence
  • damage to property
  • graffiti or writing
  • online abuse

It can happen online, in the street, at school, college, work or at home. Victims might feel frightened, threatened or angry about the abuse. Hate crime is not tolerated in Wakefield. If you see or experience hate, please report it – you will be taken seriously.

Report a hate crime

If you are a victim or a witness of a hate crime, please report it. Anyone can report a hate crime, and if you would prefer, you can report it anonymously.


Email Leeds GATE (to report hate crime against Gypsies and Travellers) contact@leedsgate.co.uk

You can report a hate crime directly to West Yorkshire Police. All information given is confidential and can be given anonymously. Just don’t enter any details which could identify the person reporting. The information given can even be for information purposes only. 

There are also independent reporting services:

By telephone

You can:

Download the Stop Hate UK app

If you use an Android smartphone, downloading the Stop Hate UK West Yorkshire app enables you to:

Hand holding a phone with the Stop Hate UK App open - record, photograph and video options with a call 999 button
  • take a picture, video or audio recording and upload it directly
  • links directly to leading independent organisation or to the police in an emergency
  • gives you a direct response (including the police)
  • plot the exact location of incident
  • report concerns and incidents anonymously

In person

You can report a hate crime in person by visiting a Hate Incident Reporting Centre. These are located across West Yorkshire. You can also call in at your local police station.

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