Protecting our communities

Wakefield SEND Local Offer

Learn what support is available for families with children and young people ages 0-25 years with special educational needs

Find out what Wakefield Council are doing to help keep communities safe, fight hate crime, modern slavery and human exploitation.

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  • Modern Slavery and Human trafficking

    Modern slavery is the illegal exploitation of people for personal or commercial gain. It covers a wide range of abuse and exploitation including human trafficking, forced labour and domestic servitude.
  • Prevent in Wakefield

    Prevent is one of the four core elements of the Government's CONTEST strategy for countering terrorism and to support vulnerable people to stop them from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.
  • Community safety partnership

    Find information about Safer Together and the work being done with partner organisations to keep the Wakefield District a safe place for local people and communities.
  • Hate crime

    Reporting hate crime is easy and can help save lives. If you are a victim, or a witness, of a hate crime please report it.
  • Domestic abuse

    Learn more about domestic abuse, what it is, different types of abuse, getting support and help with domestic abuse, and information about our domestic abuse strategy.
  • Ask for Angela

    Feeling threatened or unsafe? On a date that isn’t working out? Or does it all just feel a bit weird? Ask for Angela in participating venues across the Wakefield district.

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