How to apply for a job at Wakefield Council

There are several ways in which you can apply for any of the jobs featured on the website.

The easiest and most convenient way is to click on the link next to the post you are interested in and apply online.

Alternatively you can contact our recruitment team on 0345 8 506 506 or email Please note, CVs are not accepted.

How will you know what we're looking for?

The job advertisement describes the skills, experience, and qualifications we are looking for. This forms the basis against which you will be assessed. The job description and person specification will be enclosed with your Application Form, to show the main duties, responsibilities, and personal attributes of the post.

You should read them carefully and try to identify the keywords and phrases.

Do you have what we're looking for?

You can work out if you have the skills, knowledge and experience we are seeking by looking at the:

  • advertisement¬†
  • job description
  • person specification

If not, show how you have used them in the past.

Don't forget that skills can be transferable. The tasks you perform may not be the same as those in the job you are applying for, but the skills you use to carry out those tasks may be the same.

Remember that the skills and experiences you have gained outside paid work. For example:

  • domestic responsibilities
  • unpaid or voluntary work
  • organising social or community activities

These can demonstrate skills you have taken for granted which could be a clear sign of your ability to do a job.

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