Information for Homeowners and empty properties

Find tips, help, and advice about how to repair your home and what to do with an empty home.

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  • Money smart

    Wakefield is working to provide a better and healthier place for us all. Our commitment to renewable energy and new ways of living are showing that the future is bright, whatever the weather.
  • Housing Advice

    Contact the Housing Advice Team to discuss mortgage arrears or for support with representation in the County Court for mortgage arrears.
  • Interest-free loans for homeowners

    Interest free loans to undertake essential repairs or energy efficiency measures.
  • Planning

    Information about Wakefield's planning policies, strategies for development and monitoring the use of land.
  • Help with an empty home

    Wakefield council offers help and information regarding empty homes and getting them back into use.
  • Healthy Housing Pathway Scheme

    Find out if you're eligible for our Healthy Housing pathway scheme, which provides grants and support to help with high energy bills.

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