Moving home?

Please do not use any forms or websites, that offer to forward details of your change of address to us, and to other companies, in return for a small fee.

These websites may not be genuine and we may not receive any details from them.

It is important that you let us know when you have changed address. This allows us to keep your Council Tax records up to date and ensure you are paying the right amount.

A pair of new keys with a house key chain

If you have moved into, out of, or within Wakefield, you can report this using our online Change of address form.

If you have moved into a property where your partner already lives, you should report this using our customer contact form instead.

If you wish to claim Council Tax Support at your new address in Wakefield, use our Council Tax Support form.

If you are a landlord or managing agent and want to tell us about a change in one of your tenants, please use our Change of tenancy form.

If you are reporting a change of address which is related to a Business Rates account, please use our Business Rates change of address forms.

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