Compliments and complaints

To help us process feedback from our customers we have a customer feedback scheme so you are able to compliment us, make comments about what we do, raise concerns and make complaints. We want you to tell us where we are going wrong and when we are doing a good job.


Making a compliment

  • Are you pleased with our service?
  • Has someone gone the extra mile for you?
  • We want to know when we provide excellent services to our customers.

Contact Customer Relations at

We value the importance of feedback when things have gone well. We recognise the importance of compliments in helping us to continue to get things right for our customers. When we get a compliment we will share it with others and make sure it is passed to the right service and the people you are pleased with.


Making a complaint

Before you start

Response times are listed in our Complaints Policy

​Corporate complaints cover issues like:

  • Neighbour and noise nuisance
  • Household waste and recycling collections
  • Potholes and condition of road surfaces
  • Street sweeping and litter bins
  • Planning matters
  • Council Tax and benefits
  • Libraries
  • Sports and leisure facilities

Find other ways to get in touch 

If you wish to make a complaint, comment, compliment or raise a concern, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Health and Safety complaints

The Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel looks into complaints regarding advice given by Health and Safety Executive or Local Authority inspectors about health and safety which you think is incorrect or exceeds what is required to control the risk adequately.

Food safety and hygiene complaints

If you are unhappy about anything relating to your food complaint or inspection, or food advice, please see the food safety complaint page.

Social care complaints

  • Adult social care
  • Children's social care

Comments, compliments and complaints for social care are dealt with under a separate procedure by law. If your complaint is about Social Services please contact:

Complaints about schools

Schools are managed independently of Wakefield Council. If you have a complaint about a school, you should contact the school directly. If you need more advice please contact the social care complaints team (see above).

Complaints about Councillors

If you want to complain about a councillor go to the Standards Committee and Councillor complaints page.

Complaints about Corporate Services

Complaints about Corporate Services should be forwarded to:
Customer Relations Team
Phone: 0345 8 506 506

If you're still not happy

If you have been through all stages of our complaints procedure and are still unhappy, you can ask the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman to review your complaint.

The Ombudsman investigates complaints in a fair and independent way - it does not take sides. It is a free service.

The Ombudsman expects you to have given us chance to deal with your complaint before you contact them. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable time, it may decide to look into your complaint anyway. This is usually up to 12 weeks but can be longer for social care complaints that follow a statutory process.

About the Ombudsman

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman is the final stage for complaints about councils and some other organisations providing local public services. It also investigates complaints about all adult social care providers (including care homes and home care agencies) for people who self-fund their care.

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