Policies and principles

We work in accordance with a number of policies and principles as detailed below. This allows us to conduct fair, open and transparent procurement activities, which are accessible to all.

eProcurement equality statement

We are aware that some faiths, for example the Christian Brethren, may be prohibited from trading online via websites. We accept that some suppliers may have objections to the use of e-procurement technologies on religious or moral grounds.

We do not wish to exclude any suppliers who, on religious or moral grounds, refuse to use electronic procurement methods. Therefore we will ensure that alternate (non-digital) methods are available to such suppliers to enable them to trade with us.

See our equality and diversity page for further information.

Health and safety

We have a responsibility to ensure that any organisation we contract with. Whether it's for supplies, services, or works, complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant legislation. This includes regulations, codes of practice, and, our own policies and procedures. Our goal is to prioritise the safety and well-being of our authority and the citizens in our district.

See our health and safety page for more information.

Retention periods

We have to keep certain documents for a specified duration of time.

Download the schedule here,

This details the length of time documents relating to the procurement process (e.g. tenders and contracts) must be kept for and details the legislation that governs this process.

Sustainable procurement

We support sustainable procurement activity ensuring that due consideration is given to environmental, social, and economic factors when specifying goods, works and services.

Further information about sustainable procurement.

Vetting of staff

It is our duty to ensure that all relevant staff, volunteers, and subcontractors who work with or carry services where there are children and the vulnerable are vetted.

Further information relating to vetting of staff is available on the GOV.UK website here.

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