Premises and club premises licences

A premises licence covers all licensable activities listed on our main Licensing Act 2003 page. These activities include:

  • the sale and supply of alcohol
  • regulated entertainment
  • late-night entertainment

You have the freedom to choose which activities you want to include in your application. You may opt to include activities that you currently do not offer but might consider providing in the future.

Applying for a Premises Licence

You can also complete the application form and post it in. Details of the information you need to include with your application are on the form.

Considering your application

You will need to supply:

  • a plan of the premises
  • a form of consent from the proposed Designated Premises Supervisor
  • an operating schedule

You will also need to advertise your application by the following:

  • a public notice on the premises
  • a notice published in a local newspaper

You must also provide a complete copy of your application to each of the responsible authorities.

Your licence will be granted unless representations from interested parties or responsible authorities are made. In this case your application will be considered at a hearing.

Interested parties are people or businesses (or their representatives) living or operating within the vicinity of the premises.

Club Premises Certificate

A club premises certificate authorises a members' club to carry out one or more licensable activities, these include:

  • the sale and supply of alcohol to members or guests
  • provision of regulated entertainment
  • provision of late-night refreshment

The Licensing Act 2003 recognises a difference between commercial premises selling direct to the public and members' clubs such as working men's or sporting clubs. These clubs are generally premises where public access is restricted and alcohol is supplied other than for profit.

A 'qualifying club' is entitled to certain benefits not provided in a premises licence. For example, there is no requirement for any employee or member to hold a personal licence or any requirement to specify a designated premises supervisor.

Additionally, there are also more limited rights of entry for the police and other authorised persons. This is because the premises are considered private and not generally open to the public.

Applying for a licence

Or alternatively complete the application form. Details of the information you need to include with your application are on the form.

Duration of the licence

The licence will remain valid for the lifetime of the business

Altering a licence

Use the application forms listed below to make changes to an existing premises licence:


The fee for the grant of a premises or club licence is the same regardless of how many activities are applied for.

For information on how to pay your premises licence fees see How to pay Council bills.

Off Licence Accreditation Scheme

The Recognition of Alcohol Responsibility is a voluntary certification program specifically designed for Off Licences. Its purpose is to showcase to customers that your business:

  • operates with a social conscience
  • follows ethical and responsible practices in alcohol sales

While participation in the scheme is optional, we highly encourage all new applicants for Off Sales licenses to join. If you decide to take part, you will need to complete an assessment form, which will be evaluated to determine your star rating.

Your business will receive a certificate and promotional material to display. If you are interested in participating in the scheme please contact

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