AllergyPAL training tool

Image of a town taken from the AllergyPal training tool

Wakefield Council have pioneered a first of its kind educational training tool, AllergyPAL.

It is a new, modern approach to training that is user friendly and enjoyable. It helps to make “may Contain” regulations easier to understand. 

AllergyPAL training is set in a small town, and takes players on a journey into kitchen and food prep areas. Here your knowledge of Precautionary Allergen Labelling (PAL) is tested using different scenarios.

AllergyPAL is designed for:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • hospitality and catering industries

Linked to the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website the game will:

  • teach you about allergen management
  • increase awareness of Provisional Allergen Labelling (PAL) and its purposes

You can use the tool on the AllergyPAL website.

We created AllergyPAL using a grant from the Regulators Pioneer Fund initiated by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Feedback from users

“AllergyPAL is absolutely FANTASTIC! The interface is beautifully designed, the aesthetic is so visually appealing, and it is so easy to use!” - Lizi, Toast Coffee House, Normanton.

“Having completed 2 of the modules I think this is very good – the fly-through and graphics are excellent and question level about right too. Super work” - ASM Global.

“The visuals, look and feel, and scenarios are absolutely great, and I really enjoyed taking the True PAL master challenge!”

“I think the app is a great tool for businesses and employees to help manage allergens in restaurants and all food settings. It is very informative and immersive for all users regardless of ability of position within a business. This will help keep consumers safe and add reassurance for anyone who may suffer with a food intolerance or allergy.” - - West Yorkshire Trading Standards.

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