image showing different types of memorials, a ring, a bench, a paperweight, mini grave, barbican tower and sanctum

We offer a wide range of memorial options at our cemeteries and crematoriums for you to remember a loved one.

The memorials available include:

  • Bronze or granite plaques
  • Entry in a book of remembrance
  • Rose tree
  • Rose tree plaque
  • Wall plaque
  • Bird boxes
  • Paperweight
  • Ring
  • Sanctum
  • Barbican tower
  • Bench
  • Mini graves

Personal memorials

We respectfully ask that you do not place any other personal tributes, cards, ornaments, tributes or memorabilia in the gardens of remembrance as they make maintenance of the area difficult and may upset other families.

Floral tributes may be placed in the grounds adjacent to a leased memorial but should be removed from any cellophane wrapping in order to prevent littering.‚Äč

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Book of remembrance

An open book of remembrance on display in a wooden frame

The Book of Remembrance is a special place to honour and remember loved ones. Create a lasting tribute with a personalised message.

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