In the Wakefield district we provide a wide range of waste and recycling services with our partner Renewi UK Services Limited.

Your contribution to recycling makes all the difference and means that we recycle more of your waste.

Equipment inside a recycling plant
  • Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC)

    Find a household waste recycling centre available near you, learn about what can be taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre and apply for a household waste recycling permit.
  • Using your recycling bins

    Most homes in Wakefield have three household bins – one green and two brown. Learn how to use your bins and what can be put in each type of bin.
  • Real nappies

    This service should only be requested by the parent/guardian of the child once the child has been born. This is a Wakefield Council sponsored service run in partnership with Renewi, there are qualifying criteria to access the services.
  • Pass it on

    Something that you don't want anymore can still be used by someone else. Donating unwanted items can help your local community, especially those in need, or raise money for charity.
  • Never Bin Batteries

    Learn about how you can recycle batteries across the district.

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