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Telecare is the use of technology and support to assist vulnerable individuals in living independently at home. It promotes well-being, self-esteem, and independence, ensuring a safe and secure living environment. Telecare also supports carers in reducing their stress and anxiety levels.

What is the difference between assistive technology and telecare?

Assistive technology is any piece of equipment that can help a person in their daily living. It becomes telecare when it is connected to a call system (onsite carer alert) or call centre that can alert a responder.

For example, anyone can buy a smoke alarm and use it to alert that there is a problem. A vulnerable person may need an alarm that is connected to a call centre. This could raise the alarm and action could be taken to deal with the issue.

Care Link Central Alarm Service

Care Link Central Alarm Service can give older and vulnerable people peace of mind 24 hours a day. It offers security when the alarm is used. Using this, they can speak to a member of specially trained staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Staff are trained to:

  • give advice
  • alert the emergency services
  • contact friends and relatives
  • give them a bit of reassurance

To activate the alarm, they simply push a button on the alarm unit. A member of staff will then answer their call. They can talk to them from anywhere in the room and will be able to hear each other.

If they can't get to the alarm, perhaps because they have fallen. A lightweight neck pendant is also available which they press, putting them in direct contact with the team.

Care Link alarms are not just for elderly and less able-bodied people. People who have experienced domestic abuse, harassment, burglary or who are lone workers can also have an alarm installed helping them to feel safer.

You can find out more about Care Link from Wakefield District Housing. You don't have to be a Wakefield District Housing tenant to apply.

There is a charge for Care Link services depending on the level of service provided. For more information about Care Link, you can phone 01977 788000 or email

Wakefield Council may fund the provision of telecare free of charge following an eligibility assessment. Your existing district nurse, physiotherapist / occupational therapist, or Social Care Direct will be able to assist you further.

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