Residential care

Residential homes for adults and older people

Residential care offers round-the-clock accommodation, meals, activities, personal care, and emotional support. It is available for individuals aged 18 and above in Wakefield who are unable to live independently at home due to physical or learning disabilities.

A care home can be either a residential or nursing home or both. Some homes cater for people with different needs. This includes:

  • older people over 65
  • people with dementia
  • older and younger people with physical disabilities
  • people with learning disabilities

Before entering a care home, you will need to have an assessment. You may also need an assessment by a health care professional to see if you have nursing needs.

Choosing a care home

The best way to choose a care home is to go and have a look round.

You can check for current vacancies by:

  • ringing the home directly
  • contacting your social worker or Care Co-ordinator
  • contacting Social care Direct

For information on how to pay residential care fees see our How to pay Council bills page.

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