Arranging and paying for care

Find out more about arranging and paying for care from deferred payment and online financial assessments to residential care and how much you may pay for care.

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  • Residential care

    Read our guidance about residential care, information about choosing a care home, a list of care homes within the Wakefield district, residential home care rates, and more.
  • Care and support online financial assessment

    Learn more about how much financial support you can get for adult care and support services by completing our adult and care support online financial assessment.
  • Deferred payments

    Read about the universal deferred payment agreements available across the whole country and what it means for you.
  • Paying for your care

    Find out more information about how much you may for care and the financial assessment we conduct.
  • Paying for Social Care - Frequently Asked Questions

    Information and advice about accessing adult social care
  • Care needs assessment

    Learn more about care needs assessment in the Wakefield district, creating a care and support plan, using your personal budget and your personal assessment

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