Traffic regulation orders

Traffic rules may change for safety reasons, like parking or traffic flow. Before deciding, the public can object for three weeks. You can find more info and object on the notices for each scheme.

ETRO 23 1 Ackworth Mill Dam School - School Streets 

ETRO 23 2 Altofts Junior School - School Streets

 ETRO 23 3 Darrington CE Junior and Infant - School Streets

ETRO 23 4 Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School - School Streets

ETRO 23 5 Featherstone All Saints CE School Experimental Order

ECEA 23 6 Teall Street, Wakefield 

ETRO 23 9 Teall Street, Wakefield 

ETRO 23 11 Castleford Park Junior Academy School


ESLO 23 3 Intake Lane, Woolley

ETRO 23 12 Intake Lane, Common Lane, Woolley Edge Lane


ETRO 23 13 Dimplewell Infants School Streets Experimental  


CEA 24 1 Wakefield Road and Fitzwilliam Street, Kinsley 

Speed Limit Order No. 1 2023 - Cutsyke Road, Cutsyke

CEA 23 7 Lumley Street, Rhodes Street and Telford Close, Castleford

CEA 23 9 Wheldon Road area, Castleford

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