Safety at events

Safety Advisory Group

​The Safety advisory group and event application process are in place to provide event organisers with professional advice and guidance.

All advice and guidance is given in good faith by the organisations and individuals involved. However, the responsibility to apply the advice, ensuring the required guidance and regulation are met, and the event safety is the responsibility of the event organiser. It is also the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure all safety certificates and relevant documentation of all parties providing services to the event are correct and up to date.

Please note to hold an event on council land the event organiser but be 18 years old or over​.​

​If you are organising an event then health and safety must be a key part of the planning and operation.

The Wakefield Safety Advisory Group (SAG) advises on safety aspects for public events planned to take place in the Wakefield area. The SAG can assist in providing a 'one stop' approach to communication with all the agencies likely to be involved in the planning, management or response for an event.

The purpose of the SAG is to offer guidance to help organisers discharge their responsibilities. The Group will consider plans presented by the organisers on the content and structure of the safety elements of the event. It is not the role of the Group to assist in the planning of the event or the writing of the plan.

The membership of the SAG comprises senior officers from various agencies operating in the Wakefield District, including the Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Rescue Service and Yorkshire Ambulance Service). It is chaired by our Emergency Planning Manager.

The main objectives are:

  • to promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance
  • to promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events
  • to ensure events cause minimal adverse impact to the community

Although all comments and observations made by the SAG are always advisory, they are made by professionals in the interest of public safety and should not be dismissed lightly.

Important information for all Event organisers on how to counter the threat of terrorism at events

Tell us about your event and assess the risks for your event

An online event application tool has been developed that helps us share information about your event, and make sure that the right people are informed. To apply to hold an event in the Wakefield District please complete the form on this web page.​

In addition please complete the Yorkshire Ambulance Service SAG assurance form.

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