Special Educational Needs (SEN)

There are a range of services available for children with disabilities, their families or carers. All services are listed on the Local Offer website. More detail about the Local Offer website is available below.

Some services are available to all children and young people within the Wakefield District and some require an assessment of need, which you can find more on here.

The Local Offer

The Local Offer in Wakefield is for children and young adults, aged 0-25 years, with additional needs and their families. It also aimed at practitioners who work with them providing support or assistance.

The Local Offer is available as a website which you can search using different filters to find information you may need. The website includes details about things like personal budgets, short breaks and things to do as well as information about Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), support groups in the area and more.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

All schools must meet the needs of children and young people with a special educational need and/or disability. Schools must have policies and plans in place to meet these needs, including pupils without an education, health and care plan.

Please view the school's website or contact the school for their SEN Policy which will include information on a "medicines in school" policy, access plan, admissions and auxiliary aids and equipment.

Information, support and advice

Information Network (IN)

The IN is a register of families with children and young people, aged 0-25 years, with additional needs and the practitioners who work with them. It is also used as the Disabled Children’s Register in the Wakefield area.

The Disabled Children’s Register is something every Council must have and keep up to date under the Children’s Act 1989. It is free to join but you can choose if you would like to be included.

The IN helps us with understanding what services and support may be needed in the local area. It is also used to give anonymous information about disabled children in Wakefield district when it is asked for.

You can find out more about the IN and how you can tell us what information you would like to receive and from whom here: http://wakefield.mylocaloffer.org/information-network

Wakefield Early Support Advice Information and Liaison (WESAIL)

If you are a parent/carer of a child with additional needs, or a professional working with the family, you can contact WESAIL if you are not able to use the Local Offer website, or cannot find what you are looking for.

WESAIL is provided by Family Action and includes the Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS). The role of a SENDIASS service is to provide access to free, accurate and impartial information, advice and support about matters relating to special educational needs and or disability. This includes issues related to health, education and social care.

The WESAIL service can also offer targeted short term support along with workshops and training for parents and carers of children with additional needs.

Parent/Carer Forum

Wakefield Parent Carer Forum is an independent parent carer forum who work with families of children with special educational needs and/or disability, aged 0-25 years old, living in the Wakefield area.

The forum is led by a small group of local parents who are looking forward to listening to, and representing the views of parents, young people and children in the future.

These parents all have a wide experience of what it is like to be a parent of a child with an additional need or disability in the Wakefield area. They want to work with you to make a positive difference and improve the quality of life for all children and families in Wakefield.

Key contacts:

Follow us on Facebook - Wakefield Parent Carer Forum

email - info@wakefieldparentcarers.co.uk


Telephone: 01924 965588, available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Email: wesail@family-action.org.uk

Web: www.family-action.org.uk/wakefield-sendiass

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