Independent Travel Training


What is Independent Travel Training?

It is a training programme designed to equip young people with the skills needed to travel by themselves on public transport to and from school / college.

We primarily work with students with an Education, Health and Care Plan in years 10 and 11 who are usually on assisted transport however, we have found that it can be better to start training sooner as part of the child's education with Years 7-9, promoting wider travel choices and reducing long-term demand on specialist transport.

Why is it important?

Travel training is a "win-win" situation for the students, they benefit from:

  • personalised support
  • increased self-esteem
  • self-confidence and social skills
  • increased potential to access education, employment and leisure in the future

Independent travel is important to all aspects of life, whether a person has a disability or not. Lacking the ability to travel independently can create a barrier to personal success and satisfaction.

Training might not be suitable for all students, depending on their needs, for example those with:

  • a medical condition such as epilepsy which is controlled by taking regular medication
  • a visual impairment (these students are referred to the VI Mobility Team)
  • mobility issues
  • severe learning difficulties
  • behavioural problems (if the student can sometimes pose a danger to themselves or others)
  • with a particular vulnerability (if the student can sometimes not be aware of personal danger)

Benefits for parents / carers

Parents and carers can be concerned about exposing their child to the outside world. The team works hard to calm any fears by visiting parents at home and by keeping them informed on the process.

Travel training has many benefits, including:

  • the students no longer need to be accompanied to places
  • the parents get more time to do their own thing, such as study or employment
  • broadens the horizon of the learner away from the family
  • increased confidence and independence on the path to adulthood

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