Elective home education

EHE is very different to how children are currently being educated at home. You will not be given work by schools as is currently the case.

It is up to you, to provide your child with a full time education. You will have to cover the costs for this, including finding and buying resources, private tutors and future exam costs.

Websites that offered free access during the pandemic may no longer be doing so following the return to 'normal' education in schools.

Parents must ensure that the child gets a full time, suitable education. This needs a great deal of personal and financial commitment.

Parents are advised to discuss EHE before taking their child out of school. Children who have an EHCP can also be educated at home. If your child attends a special school, you need the permission of the local council before removing them from the school roll.

If you withdraw your child from school to home educate, there is no guarantee will get a place back at the same school, if you decide you no longer wish to home educate.

If your child gets free school meals, they will no longer have access to this service.

The Education Welfare Service is able to support parents considering home education, offering advice and guidance as appropriate.

If a parent chooses to educate their child at home from the start of compulsory education, or at any stage during their education, they should inform the local council. They can register by using the form in the EHE guide for Parents.

If the child is currently on roll at a school, the parent must formally withdraw their child from their school place. This is done by putting this in writing to the head teacher. The school must send this letter to the Welfare Service.

Please note: Parents are encouraged to make an informed decision before choosing EHE. When parents educate their child at home, they must cover all the costs for their child's education.

If you decide to educate your child at home, please complete the form in our EHE guide for parents.

This can be sent to the Education Welfare Service at ehe@wakefield.gov.uk

You can also find an accessible version of the EHE guide for parents here.

Home educators are not legally required to follow the national curriculum. However we recommend that they are aware of its contents. This is available online at https://www.gov.uk/national-curriculum

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